Function of Adipose Tissue

Adipose tissue is basically the fat we carry in our bodies. It is located in various strategic places throughout the body. 1. Around the heart. 2. Around the kidneys. 3. Under the skin. 4. Long bone marrow. 5. Around the joints. 6. Inside the eye-socket. 7. Buttocks. Adipose is a loose connective tissue which fills in the spaces between organs creating a cushion or packing which protects the organs, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.

Pretend you are planning to mail a gift of antique glassware to a close friend. You would not send the gift unless each piece adequately packed to prevent breakage, would you? Of course not. The same principle holds true for a human package. It would not do for the items within to be allowed to loosely jostle around with every move we make. The thick layer of adipose tissue which lies under the skin helps keep us warm. It acts as an insulator by reducing the amount of heat lost through our skin. Think of your home. The more insulation present in the outer walls, the warmer your home will stay during the winter months and it will take less energy to keep it warm inside.

If you live in an old home with not much insulation, it will take a lot of energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. Another function of adipose tissue is to store excess energy. What that means is that when we eat more food than we actually need, the extra will be converted to fat which is stored in our adipose tissue. If we do not take in enough food to sustain our exertion level, the body will not simply fall over and quit. Instead, it will draw on the energy that has been stored in our fat cells, or adipose tissue.

A very thin person will most likely not be able to tolerate the cold as well as someone with a ‘little meat on their bones’, nor would they be able to survive as long if deprived of food. On the other hand, having too much adipose tissue within the body presents the possibility of developing many other health issues. If a person consistently eats more food than needed, or takes in more than is burned up, that person will continually gain weight and the weight gain will not stop until the individual makes a change either in their diet or in the amount of energy they burn each day or a combination of both.

Physical Therapy Assistants And Aides

Choosing to become a physical therapy assistant or aide can prove to be a rewarding and stable career choice. Physical therapy is a widely used program for individuals suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an accident where various exercises and treatments are applied to the problem area. The assistant?s job is to follow the instructions given by the physical therapist which may include working with the patient during exercise, applying hot and cold packs, electrical stimulation or other recommended treatments. An aide will help transport patients in wheelchairs and may be involved in ordering supplies and keeping records.

A physical therapy assistant can expect to earn between $40,000 and $50,000 (U.S. dollars) depending upon the work environment. Home health care services and nursing care facilities tend to pay more than a smaller physician?s office. A physical therapy aide will typically earn between $25,000 and $30,000 with the highest pay being given at nursing care facilities and hospitals. The need for both specialists is increasing and the salary expectations should also be on the rise. The education and training for assistants is more rigid than for aides, thus they will earn more income.

To become a physical therapy aide, a high school diploma is usually recommended. A special license is not required and very often training is performed on the job site. In many cases, becoming an aide is a first step to moving up to an assistant level position. An aide can learn the basic skills involved in becoming a therapist or assistant and decide to continue their education and training. The criteria for entering in this field should be a concern and caring attitude and the desire to help others. Very often aides will work with the elderly or special needs patients who appreciate patience and a gentle manner.

The requirements for becoming a physical therapy assistant typically include holding a two year associate degree and in most states in the U.S. obtaining a certification or license. Courses in biology, chemistry and physiology are recommended and basic math and communication skills are beneficial. Finding the best school and training program depends on the student?s location. Larger metropolitan areas usually have several medical training schools that provide education at a technician level and prepare the student for certification in a variety of medical specialties. In addition to completing the necessary courses, CPR training, first aid certification and a clinical volunteer internship may be required.

The classroom training program in an on campus setting typically takes one year to complete. Some online schools offer accelerated programs that can be completed through an ongoing schedule. The physical therapy assistant training costs vary depending upon the school location and size of the campus. Online programs tend to be more expensive and are usually only recommended for students who have superior study skills. The classroom learning environment provides an opportunity to exchange ideas with other students and to seek individual instruction when necessary.

Supplies for Cole-Parmer Laboratory Equipment

Laboratories in schools, colleges, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, perfume manufacturers, and other industries all require different types of laboratory glassware for their day to day functions. All these institutions require these products in good quality as precision is a crucial factor in the success of experiments and manufacturing processes.

Glassware products are always predisposed to breakage on heating but since heating forms a major part of nearly all experiments we need glass equipment that can withstand heat and still maintain accurate measurements. One company that has been able to provide high quality lab glassware is Cole Parmer. The products from this company include lab and industrial glass equipment and these feature bottles, burettes, centrifuges, containers, cylinders, evaporators, flasks, funnels, pipettes, and stirrers, to mention but a few. This company has also ensured that all its products attain high levels of quality in order to enable all research facilities to function with exceptional efficiency. They also ensure that these supplies are trouble free, safe and convenient, and that they give accurate and steady analytical results. These glassware products also attain and exceed the international quality and safety criteria.

The laboratory glassware products from Cole Parmer are available from different suppliers all around but instead of running around different outlets the internet can provide online sources with best prices and discounts. These online stores also provide information on the features, specifications and costs. These stores also provide safe and prompt shipping of the purchased products. Other than just providing quality products, these products also carry extended warranties to ensure full customer satisfaction.

One of the most renowned online outlets for Cole Parmer glass laboratory ware is . Since 1989 this firm has been supplying customers with quality products at competitive prices while offering exceptional services based on honest customer-buyer relationships. Mass supply makes sales of over $ 1 million annually by selling these products to the government, medium and small as well as fortune 500 companies. They are also authorized resellers for other companies such as Fisher, Sigma-Aldrich, Lab Safety Supply and VWR to mention but a few.

Mass supply makes it easier for people to buy laboratory goods by allowing the purchase of products from different vendors using a single purchase order (PO). In other firms you may require to make different POs for each vendor and at times the cost of creating a single PO can be as high as $150. This allows customers to save time and money, this especially with reference to purchase agents. Scientists and researchers usually do not have time to follow up their orders and issues such as breakages, returns, and back orders, hence Mass Supply’ has a personalised and value added service that ensures the prompt dispatch and safe delivery of its goods.

Poll Shows Interest In Genetics

A new Harris telephone poll, conducted between April 6 and 9 for the nonprofit Center for Social and Legal Research in Hackensack, New Jersey, shows that the public is optimistic about the benefits but concerned about potential abuses of genetic testing and use of human DNA. Among 1000 adults nationwide, 56% said state DNA databases containing “genetic fingerprints” of all newborns would be “very” or “somewhat” acceptable, and 68% would be likely to ask doctors for genetic tests if they were available at a reasonable price. However, the overwhelming majority (86%) would be concerned if employers and insurers used genetic tests before deciding whether to hire or insure someone. Some 85% agreed that a national bioethics advisory commission should be established to advise and make recommendations on bioethical issues arising from human biology research.

Center president Alan Westin (Columbia University) said of the poll, “At a time of downsizing government and hostility to spending tax dollars, it is quite striking that more than 8 in 10 members of the public believe it would be valuable to have a government commission look into the uses of genetic testing and recommend protective policies.”