Flexible Magnets Offer Great Marketing Appeal

Smart marketers who want a great way to ensure their products and services get maximum exposure in homes, offices and even on the street are turning more and more to flexible magnets as a viable and cost-effective solution for advertising. Permanent magnets of the “flexible” variety are ideal for marketing and they do not necessarily break a budget even when professional design, artwork and production is desired.

The flexible design of permanent magnets meant for marketing makes them ideal for use in a number of different scenarios. Generally magnetized on one side with vinyl on the other, these magnets open the door for a variety of customized designs, looks and purposes. Some of the most popular permanent flexible magnet applications for marketing include:

? Business cards. Flexible magnets that are cut and printed to replace traditional business cards offer a great opportunity for businesses to really tout their services. Many who receive these put them on their home refrigerators or place them on filing cabinets and in other very visible locations. Not only do these permanent magnets serve to remind a homeowner or office worker of a product or service, they are generally spotted by anyone who visits or passes.
? Refrigerator door fliers. Many businesses are using flexible magnets printed with specials and other pertinent information to replace fliers sent out in direct marketing campaigns. Since these often make it to the refrigerator doors in homes that receive them, this marketing vehicle has real staying power.
? Metal door signs. When signs are needed for doors, flexible magnets work wonders. Offering the platform for printing just about any text, logo or design, these are ideal for businesses that do not want to shell out a fortune for signage, but who still desire a professional look. They work well for both interior and exterior doors that are metal of nature.
? Automobile signs. Many businesses are turning to magnets to ensure that company vehicles are properly marked or that promotions are advertised while fleets are out on the road. Rather than the expense of a custom paint job, these easy-to-replace flexible magnet signs make it very easy and even cost-effective to change out signs with the coming and goings of new products, services or specials. The beauty of these signs lies in the fact they are “seen” everywhere an employee’s vehicle or company fleet vehicle goes. Even a simple logo can provide constant exposure for a business.
? Displays. Printed permanent flexible magnets are also spectacular for use in trade shows and public displays. Rather than having to worry about Velcro or tape coming loose, these magnets ensure a tight fit on the right backing and a display that is eye-popping and solid.

Although a bit more costly than regular paper printing, flexible magnets tend to have a strong appeal for businesses that want to market their goods, services or even special promotions. Since they tend to “stick” around in homes and offices that receive them, the residual benefits are nothing to sneeze at. Whereas paper business cards and fliers get lost or thrown out, permanent magnets tend to become a part of the landscape. For automobile and other signage, they also provide a cost effective means of advertising.